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Nathan – GB age group Triathlete

October 31, 2019


My history with food and drink is not a good one. 8 years ago I found myself where my health was in danger. I weighed a massive 21 stone, smoked and drank heavily. Following a warning from my GP I took action and took on a new healthy lifestyle which incorporated healthy eating with a fitness regime.

Today I am a GB Age group Triathlete and weigh 12.5 stone, however until I spoke with Alex I would say I still had a very unhealthy relationship with food. As I had spent the majority of the last seven years focussing on losing weight it was hard to snap out of that mind-set. During my swim, bike and run training I would suffer badly with fatigue and not recover properly before my next session, this inevitably led to underperforming when it mattered most.

Following a consultation period with Alex it was clear I was not consuming enough calories for my energy expenditure each day, the food I was eating wasn’t the correct type and these two things combined led to constantly underachieving in training.

Following the advice and support given to me by Alex I have since come to enjoy food again and appreciate that I need fuel to fire up the engines. Recovery is vital from tough sessions so I am ready to hit the next one hard and fast.

Triathletes such as me think nothing of paying out £1000 for a new set of wheels or £300 on a new wetsuit in order to shave seconds off the race time; however the cost of advice and support from Insight has served me far better than any of these. I never feel hungry, training is better than ever and I hit every session feeling ready to give my best. This has been reflected in my races this season. I can’t thank Insight enough for changing my relationship to food and providing such a cost effective improvement to my training. People underestimate poor nutrition, I would thoroughly recommend seeing this as a vital tool if your serious about your sport.

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