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October 31, 2019


I visited Alex as I was struggling with my diet and lack of foods I could tolerate. I had been following the Low FODMAP eating regime for a number of years but had recently been reacting to what used to be safe foods. My energy levels had dropped significantly I just didn’t feel like my normal self at all. I was worried I wasn’t getting enough nutrition from my limited diet.

Alex was recommended by my sports massage therapist. I didn’t want to be on an NHS waiting list I needed help now.

Alex initial enquiry response was very clear as to what I could expect and how the consultation worked what it covered etc. No false promises.

Alex did a thorough consultation and was very familiar with the LOW FODMAP eating regime.

He helped put a plan in place for me which was tailored to my individual needs taking into account my work pattern  / home life  (no one size fits all here )

I found Alex to be very thorough and happy to look into any queries I had during the process. I found that a mixture of personal consultations,  e mail and phone support throughout invaluable.

My progress is slow but that’s due to other medical problems that have arisen along the way. However Alex helped build my confidence back up by taking small steps at a time and reassuring when things didn’t quite go to plan. I highly recommend Alex’s personalised Nutrition Programme.

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