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Danielle (Runner, marathon to ultra)

May 8, 2021


I saw Alex for help taking my running to the next level. Confident with marathon distances, I wanted to increase to ultra-marathons and improve my speed. I’d had a few experiences where I felt my food intake was just not quite right: running out of energy during runs and also not losing any excess fat despite a lot of weekly mileage.

My goal really was to improve my performance in the sport I love.  I have an overall aim to complete an ultra-marathon, perhaps 35 to 50 miles, or maybe participate in multi-day running events. I felt I needed to learn more about nutrition to do this well and safely.

Alex provided clarity on what I needed in regards to protein and carbohydrate intake whilst also ensuring my recovery strategies were improved.

Before the appointment I was concerned I would just hear things I already knew about diet and nutrition. This was not the case. In the short space of an hour I learnt an immense amount of new information very bespoke to my circumstances. I was consuming a lot of fibre immediately before and during runs (high fibre snacks en-route), which wasn’t helping digestion, was making me feel very heavy, and was slowing me down. I was eating unhelpful foods prior to big training days (more fibre!), and after big runs I was not eating enough protein to recover, sometimes not eating anything at all for hours after completing 20-30 miles. Overall, I was also consuming too many calories on my non-training days and not losing any excess fat.  I learnt how to make small, manageable changes that had significant impact on performance. Information was really clearly presented in the appointment and backed up with an email from Alex which helped me to remember and apply knowledge.

Two months later I am half a stone lighter, have knocked up to 3 minutes off my average speed per mile including on challenging terrains, and am comfortably running up to 35 miles.

Moving forward I will continue to follow the advice given in the appointment. I would definitely consider returning for further advice if I encountered hurdles again in the future.

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