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Chris – road cyclist

October 31, 2019


About me – I am a 45 year old Type 2 diabetic, ex smoker who has struggled with weight management whilst building my career. I once read an article, if you have uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes you can take 10 years of your life, coupled with the fact I was still smoking at the time, it was time to sort my life out.

I had taken up cycling after meeting up with an old rugby friend, who I hadn’t seen for around 20 years. He had taken up cycling as a way of improving his health and at the time was training for the Lands’ End to John O’Groats ride. His enthusiasm was incredible!

So I purchased I bike through the “Cycle to Work” scheme at work. But then the reality of how unfit I was, I felt angry, how could I have let myself go! So the long progression of researching training plans to get fitter and ultimately faster on the bike began. I got faster, but could I lose any weight…! Then after completing a training week of over 200 miles and not losing a gram, I needed additional help!

My previous experience of seeing a nutritionist was not a positive one, in fact my weight went up and so did my blood sugar levels! I found Alex on the website, he fitted my initial requirements that I was looking for and even though I had not met him yet I was excited about meeting him. His qualifications, being a registered nutritionist and the type clients Alex helps all filled me with confidence.

From the initial consultation Alex understood my requirements, weight loss, improving my blood sugar levels and improving my performance as I was training for the Tour of Cambridgeshire. Alex took the various different measurements, weight, body fat % and water % and I was shocked and embarrassed! 30% fat and 100 kg. Alex then talked through the way forward giving me different options to follow. He had already analysed my diet and although it was healthy from a nutrients perspective, I was just eating too much and I was having too much carbohydrate. Alex explained how I should split my percentage intake of protein, carbohydrate and fat intake – this is where MyFitnessPal comes into its own!!

After a week of wearing the Actiheart device, Alex was able to analyse my energy expenditure. This gave him the information required to accurately prescribe the way forward for me. Alex had already seen my training plan and was happy with the commitment there, so it was going to come down to diet! He explained that I need to “kick start” my metabolism, and put me on a 1900kcal per day diet. You will be surprised how much food you can have for 1900Kcal.

The results – 16% body fat from 30%, 85kg from 100kg and nearly qualifying for the UCI World Championship! Seeing Alex becomes part of your weekly routine, not only to have your measurements taken but also from a physiological perspective as he understands the issues of being consistent.  Yes you will “wobble”, you will learn that you can have a couple beers and it won’t be the end of the world! I had days when I could have eaten the house!! But understanding and being consistent is key, the results will follow.

Everyone is different, and will respond different to weight/performance management. There is so much information on the internet that contradicts itself, that you feel confused about what is right or wrong. This is why I will continue to see Alex at different frequency’s throughout the year as this will help me to focus on my initial reasons for contacting Alex or if I am training for a specific event.

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