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October 10, 2019


Making my first appointment with Alex was precipitated by two unpleasant experiences, a salesman in the Rohan shop being ever so polite when advising that I needed pants with a 38″ waist ‘The trousers are cut perhaps a little small Sir…’ & a Bodpod analysis which indicated I was carrying a much higher percentage of fat than was acceptable to me.

I found Insight Nutrition through Google & was reassured by the fact that Alex is both highly qualified & worked with high level athletes, although I’m now 66 I’ve trained hard in different disciplines, triathlon, ultra running, cycling, power lifting & bodybuilding for most of my life & so I needed to be able to speak & take advice from someone who has experience & insight into the mindset of athletes.

I had some clear goals to achieve, to lose non-essential fat whilst maintaining strength, to improve my recovery rate from workouts & to regulate my meals & snacks, which kept hunger at bay & so stopping the tendency to overeat.

Before seeing Alex I was asked to complete an extensive questionnaire on all aspects of my health & workout routines & also a few days of a food diary, which Alex used to compile the eating plan.

At the consultation Alex ran me through the standard body composition test he uses (body fat, weight, water and muscle) & having previously analysed my questionnaire was able to point out that although I was in pretty good overall condition with a healthy diet I was eating a little too much & not at the optimum times but he was confident that he could help me achieve my goals, which, I’m very pleased to say, he did! The week long suggested menu he gave me was a great help, it was compiled using the foods that form my normal diet which made it very easy, I use My Fitness Pal to log everything & gave Alex my password so he could have a look at what I was doing, if he so desired.

Having started at 92kg & around 18% body fat, 9 weeks later I was 86.3kg & 14%BF & able to fit back into my 34″ jeans with room to spare. I’ve lost very little strength overall. I’m now working on getting to somewhere around 12%BF.

For those interested I deadlift 160kg, squat 100kg, bench press multiple sets & reps at 80kg, have done 60 chins in a session & only old crash injuries prevent me from working heavier.

Overall I feel a lot lighter, both mentally & physically, I’m fitter in as much my power to weight ratio has shot up, performance on the static bike has improved, I’ve started running again, I have more energy through the day & without the slumps that I had put down to age. I was pretty confident that not many nutritionists (or other health professionals for that matter) have had much experience with older men who have spent a lifetime doing different forms of arduous sports & so I wanted advice that was personal for my situation & lifestyle, (the generic advice I have had from GPs, practice nurses & the like haven’t impressed me at all, with their talk of ‘a man of your age…’) Alex gave me that confidence by walking the walk & not just talking the talk…

Alex knows his business, trust him, he’s the real deal…